Naked 🍥🍥


^^^ awkwardest drink name in history^^


I was behind my fridge door getting myself a beverage and I say to my dad ‘ hey look dad , mam got naked ‘ and my Dad looked up straight away and he goes what? And I was like dad the drink ‘Naked’ then he gave me a look and I laughed for ages 👌✨ i was watching ‘ Coming Home For Christmas’ on rte 1 it was soooooo sadddd.soz for all ze blogging today I’m just bored trololololol

Bye 🍕🍕🍕🍕k8x


Why socks?? Stockings r kwler

imagemy dog socks €3.99 but I got 3 for a fiver^


       I’m sitting here on my iPhone 4S ( eeeekkk) and taking pictures of my cat socks that I bought in top shop a few days ago. They are fabbity fab fab!!! 💕🐱 I got dog and penguin ones aswell 🐧🐶👌✨ isn’t the topshop sock collection so perf🌈🌸 I also bought a coat ( a red duffle ) which cost me €100 but it was sooooo worth it .

Meh new obsession : holographic thinggssss

myself and my cousin marie were buying things in new look when we both saw a holographic iphone case and Marie gasped and said ‘omg this is sooo cool’ during that sentence I had picked up the same phone case only on a higher shelf and said ‘wow’ then we laughed and realised that it said it was an iPhone 5 CaSe so we laughed and cried our way out of new look 👎💩 sad times , sad times 💦💦

                                                             Bye 🍕🍕🍕 k8x